What is Sugaring?

Sugaring uses only sugar, water and lemon to create a water-soluble paste that removes hair. The hair is not only gone from the surface, but it is also removed from the root, which increases hair softness, and over time reduces hair growth. Sugaring only adheres to dead keratin cells and hair so there is no chance of skin damage, leaving the skin not only hairless, but also exfoliated and smooth

* Sugaring is more effective, more sanitary, biodegradable, organic, hypoallergenic and less painful than any other hair

   removal process.


* The ball of paste is applied by a gloved hand and molded against the natural direction of hair growth. Then, the sugar paste is    “flicked off” in the direction of hair growth, which minimizes hair breakage and ingrown.  With frequent

   sugaring treatments, the hair follicle begins to deplete, which leads to permanency.


* Depending on your hair growth, results can last up to six weeks and sugaring only requires 1/8th  inch of hair growth for removal


* Most clients see an immediate improvement after first or second sugaring treatment.  Skin stays smoother longer.

* Once you sugar, you will NEVER WAX Again.  

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